Five Feng Shui Tips for Christmas

Add some calm with blue and green accents

Feng Shui is all about creating a home that has healing and nourishing energy everyday, especially on Christmas day. Here are five easy Feng Shui tips for Christmas to help minimise your stress levels, relax and promote a happy and balanced flow of energy in your home.

1. Place your Christmas tree in the best Feng Shui area of your home. The tree belongs to the Wood element, so place it in an area that is either compatible with the wood element, or benefits from its energy. Here are the best Feng Shui areas for your Christmas tree: East (Health & Family), Southeast (Money and Abundance), or South (Fame and Reputation).

2. When decorating the Christmas tree, think about colours. If you have chosen a silver tree, add plenty of green to balance red decorations. Red is a fiery and energetic colour whereas green will help calm and soothe all the feisty red energy. When decorating around the room avoid too much red. Blue and green have a calming influence. Purple is associated with power, riches and fortune.

3. When putting up the tree, encourage family and friends to add something of their own as this puts something special of themselves into the festive decorations. Make decorating the Christmas tree a shared experience that will help create a special moment increasing the good energies of this festive ritual.

4. Angels and cherubs are lucky Christmas symbols, bringing peace and goodwill into the home and inspiring good feelings. To increase family prosperity in the New Year, add Christmas decorations that represent money to the room such as hanging chocolate coins on the Christmas tree or keep a fresh bowl of fruit on the table.

5. Candles are excellent Feng Shui in your bedroom, in the bathroom, at the dining table or in the living room. Add candles to the table as these create warmth, positive energy and goodwill. You might also include wood in your decorations such as a wreath, to help promote harmonious family gatherings. Other items that represent warmth and fire are: stars, lights, holly and reindeer.

6. Diffuse healing essential oils in the air this Christmas season and enjoy a healthy, relaxed atmosphere.  Using essential oils daily is excellent Feng Shui for your home, but see what works best for you. To enhance the Christmas mood, you can choose essential oils of sweet tangerine oil, zesty lemon, warm cinnamon, or spicy clove bud oil.

7. Vibrant plants are always good Feng Shui, as they bring the healing essence of nature into one’s home. Indoor air-purifying plants are the best choice, because along with beauty and grace, they also do a great job of purifying the energy, as well as calming the space.

OK – so there are more than five, it is our gift to you…Merry Christmas!