Apr 26, 2012

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Water for Wealth in Feng Shui

One of the key elements for wealth in Feng Shui is water. From the most ancient times, an abundance of water has been equal with an abundance of wealth. Water enabled farmers to grow and nourish their fields and reap great crops and profits.

Follow these guidelines to help you activate your wealth-producing potential by introducing water to your home and landscape.

Water activation guidelines for the outside of your home

• Use yang water which is water that moves. If water is still, such as in a pool, it represents accumulated water, but not stimulated water, which activates income streams.
• Make water flow toward the house or appear to flow toward the house.
• If possible, adding lighting to your water to give it increased wealth potential and activate the water.
• Create a waterfall, install a pool, place a fountain outdoors, or create a pond. Water features can almost instantly change your financial circumstances!
• Keep your water clean. As long as the water is kept clean, it imparts auspicious wealth energy. When it is dirty, it becomes yin and drains wealth energy.

Water activation guidelines for the inside of your home

• Place your water close to lighting as this will help to energise the water.
• Keep your water clean as it imparts auspicious wealth energy. When it is dirty, it becomes yin and drains wealth energy.
• Keep the fountain size relative to the room. If you have a small room, then a small fountain is a good wealth activator.

As much as water can help, it can also hurt. Make sure you follow these water taboos:

• No water to the right of the door as you look out (can draw predatory females)
• No water in the bedroom (can cause money and health loss)
• Avoid water fountains that flow away from the home (can cause money loss)
• No water under stairways (can cause severe money loss and harm to children)
• Avoid water placed directly at the rear of the house (can create overwhelming financial loss, bankruptcy)

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