Apr 26, 2012

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Conquering Kitchen Clutter

Would you like your kitchen to be a calm cooking and command centre?

Here’s how:

The perfect pantry:


Get rid of expired items or food you will never eat. Make it a kid’s game and let them search for the expiration dates.


Group items such as packets and condiments together and keep stock items like rice and past in clear, airtight containers. They will keep longer, be pest proof (against those pesky weavils) and you will also see when you are running low.


Consider storage options such as portable shelves to make the most of high/deep shelves.


Empty the fridge and give it a thorough clean. Group “like foods” together to create sections for fruits, vegetables, dairy, condiments etc.


Haven’t used the bread machine or George Foreman grill in years? Give them away or sell (charities no longer take electrical goods). Don’t hang onto saucepans or utensils you never use (even if they are part of a set).

Create a message centre. Use a pin board to hold to-do lists and cards, have a small magazine rack for bills or school paperwork, put up a hook for keys, have a shelf near the power point for charging phones and iPods.

Turn your kitchen into zones.

  • Consumables (canned and dry goods, fresh foods found in pantry and fridge);

  • Non-consumables (dishes, glasses, cutlery etc),

  • Cleaning (garbage, cleaning products, cloths),

  • Preparation (utensils, knives, chopping board, mixing bowls, small appliances)

  • Cooking (pots, pans, cooking utensils, baking trays, microwave)

  • Ensure that the space assigned for each item is in the correct proximity to the activity it is related to e.g. cooking utensils should be stored by the cooker, cleaning materials should be stored near the sink.

Put everything back in its place when finished with (most important tip).


Make the most of your under-sink area by installing pull out baskets for cleaning products, a swing out bin, plastic bag recycler and paper towel holder.

It might not always be possible to store everything away off your kitchen counter top, so when choosing items and appliances that will be in view on a permanent basis, go for something that will look good, act as a focal point in the kitchen.

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