Apr 26, 2012

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10 Days to a New Year’s Transformation

10 days is all it takes to a new you!

DAY 1 Purse: go through your purse and clean it out. File all old receipts, dispose of all expired / unused cards. Does your purse reflect who you are now…perhaps it’s time to consider a new purse which is functional and fabulous! Your attitude toward money and abundance is reflected in your choice of purse.

DAY 2 Keys: symbolically unlock your hidden potential and open the doors to new opportunities. Ensure all of your keys are facing the same direction and are on the key ring from largest to smallest. Remove any unused keys from your key ring and add a positive symbol which can enhance the energy of your keys.

DAY 3 Car: wash your car, clean and vacuum the interior. Ensure that your car is safe and is in good mechanical order. Your car is an extension of yourself and represents your direction in life. Same applies for other modes of transport – bicycles, motorbikes and most importantly your feet! These are your primary mode of transport so ook after them!

DAY 4 Wardrobe: it’s time to go through your clothing and shoes and let go of all that does not represent who you are today. Items which have painful memories or associations must go. Give them away, donate them, or sell them. Items which no longer fit must go. Letting go of the old allows new energy to enter your life. It is now time to create a new image of who you are today.

DAY 5 Windows: clean the windows and glass doors of your home to provide clarity. The windows are like the eyes of your home and clean windows will heighten your insight and clarity.

DAY 6 Pictures: move them around the home. Moving the pictures and paintings around on your walls will create a shift and change in the energy of your home…try it and see what happens!

DAY 7 Letterbox: numbers must be clearly visible. Your letterbox represents your identity. To invite new energy into your life the energy must be able to find you!

DAY 8 Pamper: do something just for yourself today. This is your day to do what you love.

DAY 9 Create: do something creative; try a new recipe, paint, sculpt, draw, anything that inspires you. Awaken your inner child and do something fun!

DAY 10 Celebrate! You have made some wonderful changes and shifted a lot of energy. Organise to spend some time with a friend or group of friends today to celebrate the new you!

Thank you to Sonia Jenkins for allowing me to reproduce this article.

Sonia Jenkins
Transference Healing® Practitioner
Crystal Therapist / Reiki Master / Artist
m: 0419 66 4711
e: sonia.starflower@gmail.com
w: www.starflowerscrystalwisdom.com.au

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