Nov 22, 2011

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4 quick tips to make your wardrobe a feel-good zone

This wardrobe set-up is guaranteed to make you feel good!

There was a great little piece in the Sunday Mail last weekend that I thought I would share with my readers:

How to make your wardrobe a feel-good zone.

  • If you have a favourite top, think about why it boost your confidence and try to buy clothes which ticks those boxes too.
  • You may have bought that jumper and worn it once, but if you aren’t going to wear it again because it reminds you of a blind date you’d rather forget, get rid of it.
  • Don’t feel bad about keeping any old clothes with which you associate good memories, it is like looking at a photograph and having those memories rush back.  (I have a caveat on this: don’t store them in your main wardrobe taking up space,  put them in a special memory box or plastic tub.)
  • When you dress like a dag you feel like a dag and you don’t perform as well. What you wear affects your self-esteem (and this applies if you work from home as well – get out of those jammies!)

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