Jan 16, 2013

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Help for hoarders Harrisburg

Help for Hoarders in Harrisburg

Hoarding is a growing epidemic in the world. Usually, though, the hoarder can’t see the problem, which can be very frustrating for friends and families who also have to live with the hoarder and care about him. But there is help for hoarders in Harrisburg, and there are some basic ways to approach the hoarder to get him to see the need for help.

Simply confronting the hoarder may not be the best approach. It is easy for the hoarder to get defensive and a fight erupt, which doesn’t accomplish anything. One thing you can do is try to show empathy. This doesn’t mean you agree with the hoarder, but that you are willing to listen to his side and understand his viewpoint.

Do your best not to argue. Once emotions start t run high, there is little hope of an equitable solution. If you have to, walk away and try again later when the emotions have calmed.

Respect the fact that you are dealing with an adult. Adults are free to make their own choices about their life and their possessions. Instead of trying to tell the hoarder what to do, try to engage him in a discussion. Try asking questions like “what do you think about all the clutter in the house?” or “how do you think we should go about clearing out some of the clutter?” This will actually give the hoarder control and input in the discussion and situation and make it easier for him to get on board with a decluttering strategy.

However you decide to approach the situation, just know that you aren’t alone and that there is help for hoarders in Harrisburg.

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