Jan 17, 2013

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Home Declutter in Harrisburg

Tools for Home Declutter in Harrisburg

If you are looking for way to help declutter your home, there are a few key tools you can use for home declutter in Harrisburg.

Look at just how much unused space there is in your cabinets. You can install racks below existing shelves for even more shelf space. Inside the door, you can install hooks and pegs to hang scarves, belts, or jewelry. You can also install an adjustable clothing rod below your permanent one for shorter items like skirts and shorts. You can hang mesh bags for oddly shaped items or sports gear. Short cardboard boxes can also slide under the bed for seasonal clothing items.

A lazy susan can be used on a desk or countertop to keep more things accessible. Small zipper pouches and freezer bags can be used to organize drawers.

A label maker can be a lifesaver in homes with small children. The labels serve as a constant reminder of where everything goes.

Furniture can also create more opportunities for organization. For example, replace an end table with a trunk or buy an end table with a built-in lamp and magazine rack. You can also get creative with the furniture you already have. Try adding a rack for a towel to the side of a microwave stand or attach rollers to the bottom of your kids’ toy chest so it will roll into a closet.

Getting organized isn’t easy, but thankfully with a few tools like racks, wheels, bags, and boxes, you can get your home decluttered in Harrisburg in no time!

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