Jun 15, 2012

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Home Re-organizing Brisbane


Are you looking for home re-organzing services in Brisbane?

Well, you need not look any further because Domestic Downsizing is here to help you organize your home!

With our lives becoming busier day by day it is very important to find some relief through coming back after a long day to an organized home. In my extensive experience working with clients in disorganized homes, I see first hand how it affects not just their own but their families lives.

Domestic Downsizing – Declutter and Design tailor make home organization services and are based in Brisbane so we can help people in south east Queensland in all types of situations.

We will help you to declutter, design and organize your home so that you can have a stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

Our home organisation services in Brisbane offers you exceptional packages that includes a virtual package, do-it-yourself package, mini miracle package, help sell my home package, fabulous Feng Shui Package to name a few and various others that can surely help you to complete your home irrespective of whether it is a big or a small project.

For more information go to our Services page or call us today on 07 3899 2282 or 0422 520 354 or email us below:

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  1. Hi. My daughter & I live in a 2 bedroom depth oh housing unit & are gradually being pushed out by all of the “stuff” we have. I try to get on top of it but just never seem to get there. How do I start?

    • Thanks for your question. To help with the overwhelm just do a little bit at a time. Start with a drawer then stop. Next time do another drawer then stop. If you start in small chunks it will build up your momentum. If you try to tackle a whole room at once it will be too overwhelming and you will give up. Also do you have a friend or family member who can help? An extra pair of hands makes all the difference. Plus the added encouragement is a great booster. For more tips you can download my free e-book on my home page. Best of luck!

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