May 24, 2011

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It’s easy being green (with Feng Shui!)

Cleanse the air with live plants

Going green and Feng Shui go hand in hand: it’s all about promoting a happier, healthier life.  You can start going green as quickly as using your recycling bin and with Feng Shui it can be just as simple.

Feng Shui incorporates many natural elements, like living plants, water and organic scents while discouraging the use unhealthy and toxic substances. Try these suggestions in your own home and start to live a greener, more fulfilling life!

Add live plants to your home.

Live plants breathe life into and around a home. If you don’t have a green finger you can always resort to a replica made of natural fibres (such as silk) however live is always best. You could even just try growing herbs to use in your kitchen. Even better, use native plants rather than exotic ones that have to be transported (thus leaving a larger carbon footprint). Plants that have round leaves such as Jade plants are especially good for promoting prosperity.

Encourage natural light.

It’s great for the energy of your home to allow bright, natural light to flow throughout the space, and this is also good for your energy usage, as you won’t need to turn on lights as often. Replace heavy curtains with lighter ones and open the doors and windows as much as possible to let in the fresh air.

Lighting can brighten dark corners and invite more energy into an area but try to use natural light rather than increasing light fixtures and you will also benefit but reducing  your electricity bill in the process! For electric lighting, dimmer switches also allow you to set a mood and adjust the chi (energy) for the time of day. Motion-sensor lighting can also be used and both will use less energy.

Get rid of the clutter.

Do you love it? Is it useful? Do you really need it? If you answered no to all three of these questions it is time to let it go.

Sometimes, we end up with items in our home that we don’t actually like, because our tastes have changed, we are in a different phase of our lives (i.e. not at Uni anymore!) or we inherit them from someone else and are too guilty to get rid of them in case they notice.

Having these items around can disrupt the positive energy in your home. If you can’t stand the bed side lamps in your bedroom, donate them to someone who can use them and will love them such as a student who recently left home or donate them to charity.

Anything you can do to declutter and simplify your life is good Feng Shui. Start by accumulating less so that your home and life are organised and free flowing. Recycle, repurpose, sell or donate items you no longer need and enjoy the clear space in your home.

Cut down on electronics (especially in the bedroom)

Some electronic devices in the bedroom such as an alarm clock may be necessary but they are not good in either a Feng Shui sense or an environmental sense. The television is a definite no-no as it will disrupt the calming flow of the bedroom and having it plugged in all of the time will leach energy even when it’s turned off. The best scenario is to have no electronics in the bedroom at all and switch all other appliances around the house off at the wall switch.


We all want prosperity and more positive energy in our lives, but taking less and giving more back to the earth will help promote an atmosphere of balance which is essential in Feng Shui. You will not only be promoting green responsibility, but you will be creating an opening for more good things to enter your life.

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