Jan 7, 2011

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The joy of publishing your eBook (part 1)

My new eBook hot off the press!

On this raining and horrendously humid Friday in Brisbane Australia, I have decided to stop procrastinating (like a good organiser) and get my eBooks out into the world. It is after all, one of my main goals for 2011 – so no time like the present!

It is one thing to have your eBooks happily sitting on your website waiting for the millions of visitors to download them  http://domesticdownsizing.com/ebook-download.htm, but I realise I have to take them on the publishing road if I want anyone to actually find them and read them.

As I am pretty much just flying by the seat of my pants I thought I would share some links with my readers as I go.

Feel free to add any great publishing links you know in the comments below to share.  Stay tuned for Part 2 – no doubt I will still be at it on Sunday night…

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