Jan 25, 2011

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10 quick organizing & decorating tips

I was asked this morning for 10 quick organising and decorating tips for Women’s Village http://www.womensvillage.com/ so I thought I would share them with my blog followers too!

  1. Let your fingers do the finding!

    Use an A-Z accordion file for storing instruction booklets and warranties for appliances and electronics. Staple the receipt to the inside of the booklet and then file it under the letter of the alphabet it fits (eg toaster goes under T). This system makes it possible for anyone in the household to find instruction booklets easily and quickly.

  2. Store plastic shopping bags in an empty tissue box in the pantry – when it is full, take them to the supermarket for recycling. Don’t become a bag hoarder!
  3. Organise clothes in your wardrobe by the four uses: formal, work, casual and sport. Keep all clothes for those different categories in different parts of the closet. From there, you can organise clothes by colour and style so that it’s easier to create outfits and think of different options.
  4. Store out-of-season shoes in shoe boxes in the top of your wardrobe. Write a description of the summer shoe on one end of the box for storage during winter then use the same box for winter shoes and write the description on the other end.
  5. Hang all clothes in your wardrobe with the coat hangers turned backwards. When you wear an item, turn the coat hanger the right way round. At the end of the season, those clothes still hanging backwards haven’t been worn so it is time to go!
  6. Keep a bag or box handy in the laundry for clothes that need to go to the thrift store. When you are sorting the laundry toss in the clothes the kids have outgrown or that you no longer wear. When it’s full, put the box in the car to drop off next time you are out.
  7. Use bottom drawers of chest of drawers for kids toys which are easy for them to reach Each drawer keeps like toys together so they know where a specific toy is, along with its accessories. It also helps to keep their bedrooms neat and makes cleanup easier for them and you.
  8. Before the kids go to bed, have a 10-minute race to see who can pick up the most stuff. If you don’t have kids, make it a habit to do just 5 minutes yourself.
  9. If you are still cluttered with VHS tapes get them converted into DVDs. There are computer programs that can help you with this, or there are many companies that can do it for you. Pop these DVDs into a CD album for easy storage without the jewel cases.
  10. Instead of spending money on expensive home décor, personalise your home by displaying a collection of items you already have that tell a story about you. Search through your keepsakes for items you have stored away from your travels or that bring you happy memories that you love to look at.

Lastly, remember that if organising is too overwhelming for you, there are professional organisers who are always happy to help!


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