Jan 23, 2011

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4 quick tips on storing kid’s clutter

The perfect place for teddy & friends

Now that the kids are heading back to school, it is time to get organised with all their toys, especially all the new ones they may have received for Christmas that don’t have a proper place to be stored as yet.

Unclutterer.com had a question from a reader about how to store her grandchildren’s toys in her small house and came up with a few good tips on storing toys that could easily be used in most home:

  • Find a small bookshelf that you can put in a closet or a low-traffic area of your home. The lower shelves can contain toys appropriate for young children and the higher shelves can hold toys for the older kids.
  • Repurpose the lower shelf of a bookshelf you already have in your home. Label boxes with your grandchildren’s’ names, and then put the age-appropriate toys in the specific boxes. Your grandkids won’t ignore boxes with their names on them.
  • Get a traditional toy box and put it at the foot of a bed or near your main entrance. When your grandkids aren’t visiting, it can be a place to sit to put on your shoes. When the grandkids are visiting, they’ll know exactly where to find the toys. Separate toys in the box into smaller boxes and bins, with the older toys in boxes that require more dexterity to open.
  • Get another container that works with your home’s decor. Paint “Toys” or your grandchildren’s names on the container. Again, your grandkids will know exactly where to go to find the toys. You won’t have to remember a thing.

Check out some other great suggestions from the readers here: http://unclutterer.com/2011/01/21/ask-unclutterer-accessible-but-clutter-free-toy-storage/


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