Apr 5, 2011

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60 minutes to making-over your wardrobe

The perfect wardrobe is only 60 mins away!

Grab a timer and let’s get going!

1. Label five tubs or bags: Keep, Sell, Donate, Throw, Repair/Tailor. Pull each article out of your wardrobe (including shoes and accessories) and sort into one of these groups.

2. Throw out all those awful wire or plastic coat hangers and get some new wooden ones (they are bulkier and they “space” clothes to help prevent wrinkling and look good to boot).

3. Return the Keep pile to the wardrobe and hang any “unsure” items with the coat hanger back to front. If you haven’t used the item and turned it around during the season, it’s time to let it go.

4. Group your clothing into how you get dressed: work/casual/going out, by colour, by pants/tops/skirts, whatever system works for you.

5. To make dressing easier and wardrobes uncluttered, keep your out of season clothes and those you don’t wear very often out of the immediate space and store them away with moth balls and dehumidifiers.

Domestic Downsizing provides a service called the Mini Miracle Wardrobe Makeover which is very popular during the “change-over” sessions of Autumn and Spring. We also work with very talented Image Consultants and Personal Stylists to make sure the clothes in your life suit you and your lifestyle. Contact us for more details and to make a booking: http://domesticdownsizing.com/

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