Aug 24, 2011

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Being organised in the workplace – the solution to today’s economy?

OK... synchronise calendars NOW!

Having just spent over three hours with my accountant discussing my growing business, it occured to me that being organised in my procedures and systems is such a big part of why my business can grow easily (my accountant is very happy with my extremely organised financial system – even though I hate figures!)

Being part of a large corporate organisation with many team members (like I used to be in my previous life), having organised systems in place is also an essential ingredient to a smooth flowing workplace and could mean the difference between keeping a client – or keeping your job!

Erin from wrote on this very thing back in 2008:

In today’s economy, employees can’t afford to be disorganized.

It’s no longer a matter of personality, it’s a matter of keeping one’s job and retaining or obtaining clients. If an employer is trying to decide whom to layoff and whom to keep, the most organized, profitable, and productive workers usually get to keep their jobs.

Workers who consistently miss deadlines, run projects over budget, and upset clients and vendors with their inconsiderate behavior are the people who are let go. Additionally, current and potential clients won’t do business with your company if they don’t receive the product they expect on time and on budget.

If you’re worried about the level of disorganization in your work, here are a few items that may help you:

  • Clear the paper clutter from your office
  • Start using project management and goal systems to help organize your work load
  • Set alarms in Outlook or other calendars to keep you on schedule
  • Learn how to run efficient meetings
  • Work on managing expectations for deadlines and deliverables through ongoing communication with the client or your manager

What are your favorite ways to stay organised at work?

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