Jan 16, 2013

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Decluttering Home Harrisburg

Decluttering Your Home in Harrisburg with Family Help

How many times have you told your kids “don’t leave your shoes by the front door!” or told your husband “stop leaving your jacket on the hall table!” Sometimes we think we have this organization thing down. We have bins for shoes and hooks for jackets. We have a place for everything and a thing for every place, but no one else follows our system! It can be so frustrating when we try to get organized, but our family is not helping. What can you do? Decluttering your home in Harrisburg with the aid of your family is possible.

The problem here is that your family isn’t thinking like you, so you have to learn to think like your family. If your daughter is a creative and artsy-type, but can’t be bothered to put her keys on a hook, maybe she can make a pretty bowl in art class placed by the door to use instead. Getting your family involved in the organization and decluttering of your home in Harrisburg can help more than trying to organize it yourself.  Ask your kids how they think their toys or clothes should be organized. If they help create an organization plan, they will be more apt to use it and see the reasoning behind it.

While it may seem like your family is out to sabotage your perfectly organized house, it could be that they simply don’t understand it or it doesn’t work for them. Getting the family involved in the organization process can be much more successful than trying to force a plan on them.

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