Sep 21, 2012

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Why You Should Hire a Feng Shui Consultant in Brisbane

Feng Shui Consultant Brisbane

Fish can be a great enhancement to the home for Feng Shui if placed correctly

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui has been proven over the centuries to improve your mood and bring peace, happiness and harmony to your home and has seen a surge in popularity throughout modern-day Australia.


Feng Shui is a design concept developed thousands of years ago by the Chinese which essentially revolves around channelling positive β€œChi” energy from the elements and the points of the compass. Feng Shui is used for houses, garden – even tombs! It involves specific architecture, decorations, and furniture arrangements. Even the non-superstitious have found Feng Shui design concepts to improve their life on an emotional and mental level.


As previously mentioned, Feng Shui design has been proven to improve your mood and introduce positive emotions into your life. Whether or not you believe in Chi energy, the flowing, aesthetically pleasing design of a Feng Shui layout emanates comfort and relaxation. Many Feng Shui Consultants in Brisbane exist specifically to help you achieve this positive influence in your life.


Feng Shui is a very specific (and somewhat finicky) process that involves proper arrangement along points of the compass (among other things). There are many teaching schools throughout the world dedicated to learning all of the proper elements of a Feng Shui design, which is proof enough that it can be a complicated process.

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