Jun 15, 2012

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How to Use Feng Shui to Design a Successful Business Card

A well designed business card is a mini billboard. It can advertise for you, be carried and referred to and it also makes an impression.

If someone likes your card, they”ll hold onto it longer. If it”s unpleasant or cheap looking it will often end up in the recycle bin.

One of the first steps is to give your business cards a good look and that can be achieved with Feng Shui.

Use these 7 tips for designing business cards that will provide a good representation of your company – and may help boost your income!

1. Promote your growth. Trees are representative of growth and movement. Most business cards are “felled trees.” That is, they”re a rectangle (tree) shape, yet they are printed on the horizontal. Try placing your card design on the vertical. This is called the “chai” shape and it”s considered to bring money luck and much good fortune and riches. It also represents upward growth.

2. Use complimentary colors. As a rule certain colors and images don”t go together, such as black and yellow, yellow and green, red and blue or metallic colors, green and metal colors. Complimentary colors include blue and white, blue and black with metallic colors, red and yellow, green and brown with red, yellow and beige with metal colors.

3. Logos should move forward. Any logo that looks like it”s moving right to left will be going backwards. All movement in the logo should appear moving from left to right. This indicates forward growth and not heading backward. Even swirls and spirals should look and spiral to the right.

4. Stick with traditional shapes. Yes, an odd shaped or unusual business card will stand out…but not in a good way. Make sure you stick with traditional sizes because these will be saved and can be referred to again. Odd shaped cards and unique cards are often discarded.

5. Use plenty of white space. Having white space on your card brings yang energy to the card and enlivens it. It also enables you to write in any additional information that you want such as a private email address or phone number.

6. Double check the logo. It”s important that if your logo has points that none of the points are aimed at your name as this is harmful poison arrows. Make sure your name isn”t directly below your logo or you will be under the weight of your business.

7. Incorporate colors and shapes relevant to your business.

Black, blue, purple – the shape is wave-like and businesses include, musicians, shipping, counseling, driving, marketing, therapist, coach, restaurant, healing.

Green, brown – the shape is rectangular and is good for hotels, health, florists, nurseries, footwear, athletes, dancers.

Yellow, beige, orange – the shape is square and relates to mining, real estate, psychics, nursing, education, charities.

Red, burgundy, deep purple – the shape is triangular and relates to feng shui, PR, journalism, photography, eye specialties, heart doctors, restaurants, entertainment, bars and clubs.

White, gray, gold – the shape is circular or arching and relates to jewelry, sales, computers, technology, surgery, medical, dental, insurance, and airlines.

Multicolored – excellent for getting recognition and being noticed!

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