Jan 2, 2011

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Letting go of 2010…

Be free 2010!

I got the inspiration for today’s blog from the weekly horoscope in the Sunday paper by Yasmin Boland, an Australian astrologer titled: “A time for new beginnings.”

Of course it goes without saying, new years are all about new beginnings. Being grateful for what we have, letting go of what we don’t want, and setting our wishes and intentions for the year ahead.

Time management consultants (such as myself) often recommend list-making as one of the easiest steps you can take towards getting organised. I am the ultimate list maker – looking at my desk at this very minute I have 3: The “big” list of things I must do in my business, the “must do in the next week” list and the “must do before I go to bed otherwise I won’t sleep” list.

Lists are also a powerful took for manifesting our desires. When we are clear on what we are aiming for, we are far more likely to achieve our goals.

On a more mystical level, lists also work with the principle of the Law of Attraction. As you write each goal ask yourself: do I really think this can happen? If you are not sure, adjust your state of mind as we all know our thoughts influence our actions. What is the most positive thought you could have about this particular goal? Hold that thought and work on it.

The other issue to bear in mind is new beginnings are also about letting go of the past, as much as they are about starting afresh. So if there are any issues from the past year that you want to move on from, write them in another list, rip them up or burn them and let them go!

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