Jan 6, 2012

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Prepare Your Home For The New Year With Feng Shui

The Chinese New Year starts February 23 this year – will you be ready? If you missed the January 1st New Year deadline, don’t worry: the Chinese New Year isn’t until the 23rd of January so you’ve still got time!  To greet the New Year, set aside a couple of hours to give your house a head start with my suggestions below.
Out with the old!
1. De-clutter: Grab a box, set a timer for five minutes and take it with you from room to room. Throw out old newspapers, magazines, empty bottles of shampoo, old clothes you know you’ll never wear again.
2. Vacuum: Get the old energy out by making the floors clean.
3. Do the laundry: Don’t have dirty clothes hanging around; throw on a load or two while you declutter but be sure to fold and put the clean clothes away.
4. Clean the bathroom: Make it sparkle.
5. Empty all garbages: You don’t want last years’ garbage hanging around, do you?
6. Clean out the refrigerator: Throw out half-empty jars of who knows what. You don’t want to go into the New Year with old or mouldy food lurking in the fridge.
7. Clear out visual clutter: Clear off the kitchen and bathroom counters, your desk, wherever there is a flat surface. Make as much space as possible. You cannot bring in new things if there is no room for them.
8. Garden: Make sure the lawn is mown, the edges down and the paths are swept.
9. Change the sheets and towels: Put clean sheets on all the beds on New Year’s Eve and clean towels in the bathroom and kitchen. New sheets are even better.
10. Clean the car: both inside and out.
In with the new!

1. Fill your pantry and kitchen: Fill the refrigerator and pantry with food – it is bad Feng Shui to have an empty refrigerator and pantry.
2. Go orange! Oranges are excellent symbols for the New Year and the Chinese celebrate the New Year by rolling oranges (symbols of gold) into the house. Place a big bowl of 8, 9, or 10 (the numbers of prosperity!) oranges in a central location in the house to symbolise an abundant, fruitful home.
3. Buy a new plant: Put a new plant or some flowers in the east (health & family relationships) sector of your house or office to symbolise your good health in the coming year.
4. Welcome good news: Place a golden bell in the NW corner of your home, office, or bedroom to bring good tidings from helpful people.
5. Hang up new calendars: And take down all of last years’ calendars.
6. Fill your wallet: Put some money in your wallet or even better go and buy a new wallet or purse and start your financial off with new energy!
8. Feed the birds: Birds are excellent Feng Shui and believed to bring good news. Fill your feeders or put out a feeder for the New Year.
9. Have fun and celebrate: Fun is good Feng Shui. Make your home a happy vibrant space by planning a Chinese New Years party of some kind.

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