Jan 10, 2011

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The joy of donating – your time, your money & your stuff!

Giving a little can mean so much

It is yet another day of pouring rain here in Brisbane, but if anything it is this bad weather that is bringing out the best in people.

Last night Australia held a nation-wide telethon to raise money for all the flood victims in the north of the country (they raised over $10 million in donated funds) and I have had countless enquires from clients who have been decluttering and wondering how they can help by donating their goods.

Today I am donating my time – to help a fellow professional organiser move house after being struck by personal tragedy and each week I volunteer my time helping the RSPCA, making sure foster animals have good homes to go to.

Sometimes it isn’t until you hit rock bottom that you realise how much people do care – and how much they are willing to give to help. What can you give up today that will help someone else in need – your time, your money, your excess items from around the home? Not only will you enrich your own life, your generosity and caring will make a huge difference in someone else’s life.


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