May 3, 2011

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How to Conquer Kitchen Clutter

It's almost too good to mess up!

Easter has come and gone and what a great break it was – five days of chocolate infused bliss! If you were like me you hit the bush or beach for a relaxing camping holiday – but many of my clients took the opportunity to declutter and organise their homes. I was impressed! It seems the trend to downsize our possessions and simplify our lives is catching hold.

Mother’s Day is the next special day on the calendar – and if you would love to help your mum simplify her life, take a look at my article on conquering kitchen clutter (it could also be the perfect gift idea that won’t cost you a cent!).

Conquering Kitchen Clutter  

Would you like your kitchen to be a calm cooking and command centre? Here’s how:

The perfect pantry: Get rid of expired items or food you will never eat. Make it a game for the kids and let them search for the expiration dates.

Group items such as packets and condiments together and keep stock items like rice and past in clear, airtight containers. They will keep longer, be pest proof (against those pesky weavils) and you will also see when you are running low.

Consider storage options such as portable shelves to make the most of high/deep shelves.

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