Jun 15, 2012

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Organise Your Children”s Clothing

Clutter Challenge: How do I organise my children”s cluttered clothing?

Question: How do I get on top of my children’s clothing ? I am always overwhelmed with laundry and have very little closet space in their rooms. I have two daughters who wear the same size. I don”t know what do – please help! Belinda from Brisbane

Answer: This is such a common complaint amongst all my clients Belinda. Here are the 6 steps that I would recommend:

1. Start by sorting your daughters’ clothing into warm and cool weather piles. Put all the summer-appropriate things in one pile, and the winter-appropriate things in another. You may also have a third pile for multiple-weather items, like jeans, socks, and underwear.

2. If your daughters are under 14, donate the items that they have grown out of but are in good condition to charity.

3. If your daughters are high school age and have finished their growth spurt, sort the out of season clothes into keep and purge piles. Put the keep items into pest-proof storage and, if they’re in good shape, pass the purge items onto charity.

4. Next, immediately purge any items that are ill-fitting, damaged, or out-of-style. (Your daughters will be able to tell you what’s “not cool” in their closets, even if they’re as young as kindergarten). Throw out the damaged clothing (or use as rags) and donate the rest.

5. If you need to keep cutting clutter out of their closets, I recommend sorting by purpose — your kids might have school clothes, dress-up clothes, play in the mud clothes, and uniforms for clubs or teams. Once these purpose piles are created, bring each down to a manageable size.

6. Finally, it may be time to have your daughters start to do their own laundry. By fifth or sixth grade, children can be responsible for taking care of their wardrobe and many actually enjoy it! If you can teach them how to take care of their things, you won’t be swimming in laundry any longer.

PS – Nice big laundry baskets without lids in each of their bedrooms work well for keeping clothing off the floor. Good luck!

We can help you organise not only your children”s clothing but your entire home. For more information go to our Services page or call us today on 07 3899 2282 or 0422 520 354 or email us below:

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