Mar 14, 2011

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The no. 1 reason to declutter your wardrobe – cash!

Oh happy days!

The number one reason to declutter your wardrobe may not necessarily be to have more room but to have more cash! And not in the way you think.

This happened to a client of mine yesterday: we were trying on clothes working our what could stay and what had to go when she popped her hand in a pocket and out came $10!

The same thing happened to a reader of Real Simple magazine (my organising ideas bible!) This is what Dana from New Jersey had to say:

“Finding a stash of cash always elevates my mood. Recently I was going through old clothes, deciding what to give away when I found $20 in the pockets of a pair of pants. They were my “skinny jeans” which I had been hanging on to even though I probably wasn’t going to fit into them again. But once I discovered the money, I felt OK about letting them go. I tossed the jeans into the “out” pile and then treated myself to a pedicure at my favourite nail salon.

What more incentive do you need? Get sorting that wardrobe! You never know what you might find (besides a whole new you!)


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